Football season? and the Random Ten

I've been everything from a rabid, fantasy-league starting NFL fan to a casual observer of the game, but never has a prospective season given me such meh as this one has. I think I'm just done with it. Maybe it has something to do with the recent report on the report on the valuation of NFL teams, and the reiteration of the fact that NFL owners are getting richer on the backs of people-not-fans. It's tax money they're sucking up, in the form of new stadiums, and they're returning precious little in terms of economic growth or good jobs.

The real straw for me was last year when Tom Benson of my hometown Saints graciously allowed the state to defer their payment to him in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, in return for which he wouldn't move the team away right away. That was the point where I told them to go to LA or any other city who would have them, because Louisiana taxpayers have more important things to spend their money on than football.

So the season opener came and went last night and meh. Here's the random ten. Put the iTunes on party shuffle and let her rip.

1. Wordplay--Jason Mraz
2. Christmas Card form a Hooker in Minneapolis--Tom Waits
3. Cans and Brahms--Yes
4. Sympathy for the Devil--The Rolling Stones
5. Die, Dead, Die--Big Smith
6. Heated Pool and Bar--John Vanderslice
7. The River--Bruce Springsteen
8. When the Saints Go Marching In--Dr. John (ironic, no?)
9. The Authority Song--Jimmy Eat World
10. Jive at Five--Count Basie

Bonus Michael-inspired track: Allegro Con Brio, Symphony No. 3 in Eb, Op. 55, Eroica--Ludwig Van Beethoven

So who's your picks for the Corporate Bowl this year?

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