Che heads for Washington and the Random Ten

Tropical Storm Che (Ernesto) went ashore in North Carolina this morning and was headed north. I hope he sits over DC and expresses his displeasure all over the White House, maybe floods a Republican Senate office or two. That would be a fitting end to the storm that wasn't.

Here's the random ten--iTunes on Party shuffle, and the next ten to come up. Promise you won't laugh.

1. Le Souk--Dave Brubeck
2. You and I Both--Jason Mraz
3. I Believe--Stevie Wonder
4. If I Had a Million Dollars--Barenaked Ladies
5. Me and the Devil Blues--Robert Johnson
6. Nickel and Spoon--Alejandro Escovedo
7. Boogie Children--Blind Snooks Eaglin
8. Cherry Bomb--John Mellencamp
9. Lonesome Train Whistle--Reverend Horton Heat
10. Pacific Theme--Broken Social Scene

So what's on your lists this week?

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