The Wrongest Thing I've Read All Day

New York Times:

The road ahead for Mr. Lamont is hardly smooth. He now has to make the adjustment from being an insurgent- he gave his victory speech with the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson at his side - to being the official Democratic nominee, the symbol of the party establishment.
Lamont's job is to REMAIN an insurgent - and Lieberman's staying in the race is going to help him do that. Lieberman cannot suddenly stop being the waggling jowls of the DLC DC-insider establishment, and his hanging on should continue to energize people for change: if the Lamont campaign frames this thing right.

And by the way, how does appearing beside Sharpton and Jackson (NYTime's evidence that Lamont is indeed "insurgent") indicate anything more than being a (real) Democrat? We're talking two former Democratic presidential candidates who are longstanding party fixtures, and who are widely, nationally known. (With far more name recognition than say a Vilsack or a Richards) ...What predjudice does this journalist here exhibit?

Hooray Lamont! May this be merely the first lappings of a rising tide that will finally, FINALLY, throw these two-faced lobbyist-teat-sucklers OUT.

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