School is starting and the Friday Random Ten

So it's been meetings this week, and the usual mad dash to complete syllabi--I'm not nearly done yet--and making the decisions over what poems to teach and what assignments to throw at my little noogies. The stress level has been pretty high, so please forgive the lack of blogging lately. I hope to get back into a regular rhythm soon.

Here's this week's random ten--as always, iTunes on party shuffle, first ten songs to pop up.

1. Pacific Theme--Broken Social Scene
2. Lover's Lane--Squirrel Nut Zippers
3. Be My Yoko Ono--Barenaked Ladies
4. I Love You--John Coltrane
5. Phonograph Blues--Robert Johnson
6. Light Blue--Thelonius Monk
7. Pop Song 89--R.E.M.
8. Irene--Spider John Koerner
9. Galileo--Indigo Girls
10. My Alcoholic Friends--The Dresden Dolls

Bonus track: Nurture My Pig!--Reverend Horton Heat

On a side note, beautiful ruling by the Honorable Anna Diggs Taylor yesterday. Assuming it holds up, can we expect the Bush administration to say anything other than "the courts can make the ruling, but can they enforce it?"

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