A quick note on Lamont/Lieberman

Whenever establishment types start tut-tutting about the horrible things the bloggers are doing by forcing Joe Lieberman to justify his spot as the Connecticut Senatorial Democratic nominee, they often mention that "only 6 years ago, this man was the Democratic party's Vice-Presidential nominee," as though they can't understand how a man so embraced by the rank and file to select him for such an honor could now be so callously tossed aside.

So, who did you vote for to be the VP in 2000? I don't seem to recall having much of a say in it. In fact, I don't recall much of anyone in the rank and file having much input into that choice. Joe Lieberman was the establishment choice (and a pretty poor one, at that). He was never a "man of the people." He was a DLC choice forced on Gore, ostensibly to help distance Gore from Clinton--remember that Holy Joe was the first to condemn the Clenis from the Senate floor--and theoretically, to help Gore with the Cuban community in Florida (which was a lost cause after the Elian Gonzales situation).

So establishment types, while you opine about how shabbily we're treating your BFF Joe Lieberman, remember, we're treating you just as badly, and if we can toss you off your perches of authority, we'll gladly do it.

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