Vacation Pics

These aren't the good ones--those will have to wait until I make enough money printing shirts (or when the real paychecks crank up again) to develop them. But the following are some photos taken with an old digital camera I brought along for some instant gratification. Enjoy!

Amy and Stacy outside Ruby's Diner, a picturesque place in the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City with good biscuits and iffy music.

The three of us at Sage's Cafe, a vegetarian place which introduced to the beauty that is carrot butter.

A rock formation off Highway 14 on the edge of the Zion National Park. We didn't get to hike this summer, unfortunately, but we will definitely be back in the future.

Amy lassoes an unmoving cow on her birthday, which we spent on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. If you ever go to Antelope Island, go see the ranch and the bison. Don't go to the actual lake unless you like being swarmed by billions of flies. They don't bite, but they get in every possible orifice you allow them access to.

Biosphere 2, in Oracle Arizona. More pics from this place later.

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