Vacation Pics

I've also put up a few on Flickr. They range from pics taken in our back yard to pictures of Utah, Biosphere 2, and the town in Louisiana where I grew up, Slidell. I hope you enjoy them.

So we get all the way to Glen Canyon, drive up this rocky, pitted, rutted road to this scenic overlook, and what do we see but a tour bus from Fort Lauderdale. I had to take a picture of it.

This is the ocean section of Biosphere 2. There's a reef and a wave pool that's capable of 3 foot waves. They never get that high--it's limited to six inch waves--but it's 25 feet deep at one end, and the Biospherians used to swim there for recreation.

Glen Canyon Dam

The cheapest gas we bought all trip--Evanston, Wyoming, on the Utah border.

A flower I saw at the Utah welcome center just outside Park City.

Please go look at the others on Flickr.

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