Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Amy's got an update on our whereabouts and how it's been going so far. I'd have done a random ten yesterday, but I couldn't hook up to the internet with my laptop and couldn't get his version of WMP to play randomly. I love iTunes's party shuffle. So here it is, a day late and all.

1. Oh! Sweet Nothin'--The Velvet Underground
2. Cool Blue Reason--Cake
3. Stakalee--Dr. John
4. Canceled Check--Beck
5. Stay Don't Go--Spoon
6. Boob Feeler--Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
7. From Four Until Late--Eric Clapton
8. I'm a Steady Rollin' Man--Robert Johnson
9. Irene--Spider John Koerner
10. Hey You--Pink Floyd

Bonus Track: Curbside Prophet--Jason Mraz

Funny thing I learned while driving across Kansas three days ago--for a state that has such a bug up its ass over abortion and other "moral issues," they sure have a lot of XXX Adult Superstores. Even in western Kansas, where there's a whole lot of nothing no matter how far you look, there was plenty of porn available about every third exit or so.

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