The Great Geek-gasm

I want to begin this post by saying that I am an unabashed geek, and while I am not quite a Trekker, I wouldn't mind owning a bit of this.

The stuff of "Star Trek" — uniforms, communicators and other props, including pointy rubber ears — has boldly gone to a place where the intrepid crew never took the Enterprise: the Bronx.

In a windowless warehouse in Crotona Park East, boxes of "Star Trek" memorabilia that were shipped from the part of the galaxy known as Hollywood are being cataloged and photographed. The catalogers and photographers work for Christie's, the auction house that more often handles impressionists and old masters.

The trove will be sold for dollars. Not Federation credits.

So, hanging on one coat rack in the warehouse are Klingon costumes. On another are the Enterprise crew's uniforms, even William Shatner's uniform. "It's a great" — long pause — "leisure suit," said Cathy Elkies, the Christie's official overseeing the sale.

There are even Tribbles for sale, and they're expected to go for a high price.

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