Since I'm up later than I should be and it's technically Friday (and I really should be in bed since I have to be at my other summer job at 8:30), here's the random ten, specially dedicated to my cool new soon-to-be sister-in-law Christy (Kristi? only heard it, never saw it) and her charming daughter Madeline (again, assuming on the spelling). Amy's brother has done good. Here it is.

1. I Will Survive--Cake
2. Little Bottles--Alejandro Escovedo
3. Lunar Landscapes--John Vanderslice (that name's made up, right?)
4. Delilah--The Dresden Dolls
5. Feeling Like I Do--Superdrag
6. Lazy Flies--Beck
7. Lake Marie--John Prine
8. Our Love--Rhett Miller
9. Please Don't Tell Her--Jason Mraz
10. Suits Are Picking Up the Bill--Squirrel Nut Zippers

Bonus Track: Personal Jesus, covered by Johnny Cash

I don't know if I'd like the Cash version as much if I had come to it initially--something about the dancy DM version makes the stripped down Cash resonate even more by contrast.

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