Ya gotta relax

on the weekends for certain.

NEW YORK - People who can't seem to relax and renew on weekends off from work may have a higher long-term risk of dying from heart disease, a study suggests.

Researchers in Finland found that among nearly 800 workers who were followed for 28 years, those who said they often failed to "recover" from their workweek over the weekend were more likely to eventually die of cardiovascular disease.

Men and women who said they "seldom" recovered from work fatigue and stress were about three times more likely to die of heart disease or stroke as workers who "almost always" recovered.

I plan to take their advice, and on that note, here's the random ten. iTunes on party shuffle, first ten to pop up. Here we go.
1. Little Bottles--Alejandro Escovedo
2. No Doubling Back--Jason Mraz
3. Van Lear Rose--Loretta Lynn
4. Nobody's Fault But My Own--Beck
5. Slop--Charles Mingus
6. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues--R. L. Burnside
7. Mood Indigo--Duke Ellington
8. D'yer Mak'er--Sheryl Crow (yes, it's as bad as you imagine)
9. And You and I--Yes
10. Break Your Heart--Barenaked Ladies

That's a range right there--from the sublime to the insipid (and I leave it to the reader to determine which). And if you don't know who the Zulikin Girls are, go to YouTube and do a search. It's perhaps the most bizarre way of teaching English I've ever seen.

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