We May Have a Third Cat and the Friday Random Ten

There are stray cats all through our neighborhood. Our neighbor has been feeding a mother cat and her newborns, and when we went out back to do laundry last night, we caught a glimpse of the new kittens. One wasn't thriving, so Amy has rescued it. We'll get pictures up of the new addition as soon as we know the sex and decide on a name. Eliot is pissed and Wally just seems confused (which is his natural state of being). Here's hoping it works out.

Here's the random ten--iTunes on party shuffle and no cheating.

1. 2:45 A.M.--Elliot Smith
2. Daria--Cake
3. John Saw That Number--Neko Case
4. Van Lear Rose--Loretta Lynn
5. Feeling Like I Do--Superdrag
6. Lord Send Me an Angel--Blind Willie McTell
7. We Live Again--Beck
8. Thunder Road--Bruce Springsteen
9. No Chance--Broken Home (New Download from emusic)
10. I'll Do Anything--Jason Mraz

What are you listening to?

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