Sitemeter, part deux

So I'm sitting there plotting: "mwa ha ha! how can I increase our google-referenced traffic...!" I mean, some of these hits we got were very gratifying. Someone searching for "why the fairness doctrine is a bad idea" hit Brian's post about why the fairness doctrine is NOT a bad idea!

So I figure if we can deflect some "why Ann Coulter is right!" traffic towards a post about why Ann Coulter is RIGHT NOW sucking a donkey's balls, all the better!

A quick google search for "most popular google searches" brought me to Google Trends -- brilliant! -- where you can compare terms and see which is more popular.

Setting some of my perceived "most popular uses for the internet" against one another, I discovered that between "porn" "kittens" "recipe" "doctor" "best price" and "star trek," Porn is indeed the most popular, by far -- and globally, is most popular in SOUTH AFRICA (the US came in 9th on this one).

The second-most-popular is "recipe," which some might find surprising, but just search for a recipe for cabbage pie and discover what worlds await you.

Doctor came in third.

Removing those top three draws, I tried just "kittens," "best price," and "star trek," to see who wins out between cuteness, consumerism, or future-fantasy. Star Trek, it turns out, is far more popular than kittens and "best price" overall (which are virtually neck-and-neck), but regionally, there are some major variations. New Zealanders are more interested in kittens than klingons, it turns out, and the relative popularity of "kittens" and "best price" goes back and forth wildly.

Last, I decided to make the ultimate test: "Amy Letter" vs. "Brian Spears."

The results?

Your terms - amy letter, brian spears - do not have enough search volume to show graphs.


* Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
* Try different keywords.
* Try more general keywords.
* Try fewer keywords.
* Try viewing data for all years and all regions.

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