Saturday Random Ten

Yesterday was hectic, so I didn't get to do this, but you don't get out of it that easily. And in other news, the fun begins, weather-wise. Here we go.

1. Carnival Time--Professor Longhair
2. Let It Be--The Beatles (fuck the RIAA)
3. Slip--Alejandro Escovedo
4. Crush--Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
5. Pay It Back--Elvis Costello
6. Caldonia--Louis Jordan
7. Recuerdo--Dave Brubeck
8. Evidence--Thelonius Monk
9. World Inside the World--Rhett Miller
10. Sail Away Ladies--Spider John Koerner

Bonus Track for today is "Missing Link" by Squirrel Nut Zippers, a bouncy instrumental piece that I finally took the time to find out the name of. Look it up.

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