The Random Ten

Here's the random ten--iTunes on Party Shuffle and let her rip.

1. Till the Morning Comes--Grateful Dead
2. It's Coming Down--Cake
3. Crooked Frame-Alejandro Escovedo
4. You're Driving Me Crazy
5. Thirst--The Amy Garland Band
6. Life, In a Nutshell--Barenaked Ladies
7. From a Pen--Paul Brill
8. Big Chief--The Subdudes
9. Down By the Seaside--Robert Plant and Tori Amos
10. Little by Little--Susna Tedeschi

Bonus Track: Put a Sex Mo-Sheen in the White House--Mojo Nixon

Based on the presidents who have been in charge since I attained adulthood in 1986, I'd say Mojo Nixon has a point. Thinking back through my history lessons, I believe both JFK and FDR were pretty randy as well, and they didn't do so badly either. About the only thing Dubya has in his favor currently is that he apparently hasn't cheated on Laura, unless you count the screwing he's given the country as adultery.

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