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Amy's birthday is coming up next month, so I was looking around for gift ideas and I went to the Anchor Brewing website seeing as we worked there before we came to Florida, and look what I discovered.

I was still working there when they did the original brew of Bock. I was on the bottling line on the one day we ran it, and I lugged around my share of kegs as well. When the beer was first made, it was a one-shot deal. Fritz did it in memory of a friend who had passed away that January, and we were told that there were no plans to continue the beer past this one brew and bottling. I took two bottles of it with me when I left San Francisco a few weeks later, and the empties still sit on a shelf in our living room (along with the last bottles of Liberty Ale and Anchor Steam that ran on my last days at work).

The beer itself is a smooth brown ale, and is very similar to the Christmas Ale but without the spices. When we did the initial bottling, it was available only in 22 oz bottles, but the website says that it's available in 12 oz. bottles now as well. Since the original run was so small, I don't believe it was available outside San Francisco, but since it's now apparently an addition to the lineup, I hope they'll be going nationwide with it. I'll be checking with the local distributor to see if they'll have it in Florida.

And if they don't, I'm calling Anchor and asking them to send a case with Julio the salesman next time he comes down here. :)

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