Butterfly birth and the Friday Random Ten

Over the last few months--well, since the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma really--Amy has been redecorating our back patio with all manner of plants wih unpronounceable names. It's gorgeous. One of her more recent acquisitions was a magenta passion vine, meant to attract butterflies, and attract them it did--at least, it attracted enough to lay eggs all over the thing. The first few caterpillars excited us--oh, how precious! we exclaimed. Then they multiplied and starting eating holy hell out of our new and weakened passion vine.

We'd planted some red passion vines earlier and they were far stronger than the magenta, so we transplanted, by hand, a ton of caterpillars from the fragile magenta. A couple of weeks ago, we saw some cocoons form, and this morning, we saw one of them hatch a butterfly. It's still attached to the underside of the Crown of Thorns pot, waiting, I believe, for its wings to dry so it may flutter away and no doubt taunt the cats. Hopefully we'll be posting the occasional photo.

On a music note, Atrios is pushing eMusic, a service I have used for some months now and absolutely love. None of that DRM crap, none of that "you're licensing the song, not buying it" garbage. They have a terrific indie library, a wonderful jazz library, and it's ten bucks a month for 40 downloads, no matter how long the song. Check them out if you're interested.

Here's the Random Ten. iTunes on Party Shuffle, first ten songs to pop up. No cheating to look like you have better taste than you really do. We all know you still sing "Shadow Dancing" into the bathroom mirror with a hairbrush as a microphone.

1. Stop Breakin' Down Blues--Robert Johnson
2. Dry the Rain--The Beta Band
3. I Liked You Tonight--The Shins
4. Darktown Strutter's Ball--Dave Brubeck
5. World Inside the World--Rhett Miller
6. Box of Rain--Grateful Dead
7. Lodi--Creedence Clearwater Revival
8. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps--Cake
9. Friar's Point--Susan Tedeschi
10. The Golden Wedding--Woody Herman

Bonus Track--at number 11, I have Did You Get My Message, by Jason Mraz. So close this time.

So what are you listening to this fine Friday morning?

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