Monkey assures me these do not exist

But she's a teenager, and she was over at a friend's house until 8:00 this evening--swimming she claims, but I have my doubts. After all, if the FDA is worried, so should we all, right?

In the memo released by the FDA, Dr. Curtis Rosebraugh, an agency medical officer, wrote: "As an example, she [Woodcock] stated that we could not anticipate, or prevent extreme promiscuous behaviors such as the medication taking on an 'urban legend' status that would lead adolescents to form sex-based cults centered around the use of Plan B.

My teenage years were so tame by comparison--we only had to worry about the Satanists kidnapping our cats and dogs and sacrificing them to the Dark One. Never any mention about sex cults, because if I'd thought there was a better chance of scoring by serving Satan, I'd have been all up in the midddle of that shit.

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