Friday Random Ten

Monkey, fresh off her receipt of an oboe from her band teacher a couple of weeks ago, came home with an alto sax yesterday. She'll be taking five band classes next fall, including jazz band. Her teacher expects great things from her, and I continue to be amazed.

Here's the random ten.

1. One Thing--Luscious Jackson
2. Hey You--Pink Floyd
3. Bottle of Blues--Beck
4. Desperado--Johnny Cash
5. Piazza, New York Catcher--Belle and Sebastian
6. The Old Apartment--Barenaked Ladies
7. Take it Slow--Boozoo Bajou
8. Stay--Alison Krauss
9. Baby Don't Do Me Wrong--John Lee Hooker
10. That Teenage Feeling--Neko Case

Bonus Track--Caldonia--Louis Jordan

So what are you listening to this morning?

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