Friday Random Ten

Amy's reading Kevin Phillips's American Theocracy and is giving me a quick summary as she goes. The degree to which oil has controlled our recent history is astounding. I can't wait until she's done so I can get my hands on it. Here's the random ten.

1. All the Umbrellas in London--Magnetic Fields
2. Three to Get Ready--Dave Brubeck
3. Maybe Sparrow--Neko Case (this is new and I really like it)
4. Common Pleasure--Jason Mraz
5. Daria--Cake
6. Most of the Time--Bob Dylan
7. Operator--Grateful Dead
8. The Bird--Charlie Parker
9. Brian Wilson--Barenaked Ladies
10. Friar's Point--Susan Tedeschi

Bonus Track: Less Than Zero--Elvis Costello

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