Brian Spears Reading Review

This evening poet Brian Spears took a capacity crowd through the ups and downs of love and disillusionment, with the intensity-yet-humility that he wears so well.

No question, this critic received the fullest gratification from his, "Buffalo River, 2002," and "Up South," both poems about a charming woman character with whom the speaker seems most enamored. It is no exaggeration to say that these "simple love poems" brought tears to my eyes.

The poems with which Brian is most associated, his Witness poems, were presented as the main course of tonight's feast: the emotional roller-coaster and righteous rant about blew the 19-year-old composition students for a loop. "Sign of the Carpenter," was a personal favorite.

But for this critic's money, there's no beating the charm and half-sheathed lust of a Brian Spears love poem. For this critic, it might just give light to life.

The interpretive dance was adequate accompaniment to the slightly-out-of-tune lute.

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