I've never met a poet who liked the submission part of the gig. It's a pain, deciding which poems to pair and where to send them, not to mention the eternal question of whether to send to places where you think you have a better shot at making the cut versus sending to the "name" journals. And there's the very few journals that pay money.

I dropped three in the mail today, and I plan to do some more before Friday, even though this week is packed, what with Sven Birkerts' reading tomorrow after a full day of teaching.

I went with an old friend as an editor for the first submission, a name that pays a little for the second (and I met the editor briefly at AWP), and one that pays a lot comparatively speaking for poetry. And now the waiting begins.

Speaking of waiting, over a year after I got a note from Hayden's Ferry Review saying one of my poems had made the final cut, I finally got a rejection. I'd written them off months ago. It was nice to hear, but I don't imagine I'll be sending them anything again, at least not soon. I like the journal, but holding on to them for 15 months is crazy, even if they do encourage simultaneous submissions.

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