A return for Thursday Night Poetry

No promises on how long I'll keep this up, but it's been so hectic the last couple of weeks that neither of us have had the chance to post very much, and I want to get something out there. So tonight it's one of mine.

I've been teaching forms in my Interpretation of Poetry classes the last few weeks, and today we did sestinas, so I'm posting my latest one (as though I write them all the time or something--I think I've written a half-dozen in the whole time I've known of their existence). This is part of the Witness series, part of manuscript currently known as Knock Knock.

An Experience of Blood

And so, a wondrous, witless witness
sent abroad in missionary position
(try saying that without a grin
when you’re a twenty-year-old virgin
afraid to get laid lest Jesus’ blood
be spilled in vain) to spread The Truth!

(in caps we say it, honest) Truth!
yes, with exclamation, witnessed
by men of faith who saw the blood
(notice only men in that position)
spill out, so pure, so virginal
the Son of God, His death grin

macabre joy, a rigor-mortised grind
of teeth exclaiming that truth
could triumph even on the verge
of temptation. I was the witness,
okay, a witness to exposition
from those who had heard of blood

spilt from Jesus. We think. Blood
not seen by any who wrote the grim
story, only heard from those in position
to know, trustworthy and true
to faith. They must have borne witness,
have known His mother the Virgin,

(not known, mind you—-she was virgin
only for God) her hymen’s blood
spilled out at His birth, witnessed
by angels in midheaven, grinning
and singing and rejoicing that truth
had come to earth to take possession,

retake, really, man’s position
as God’s favored. Or some version.
Pilate asked “What is truth?”
and then washed his hands of blood,
he thought—-Truth was grinning
in his face, was bearing witness.

Or so I thought, I, a virgin, witless,
unblooded, a fool’s grin slapped on.
In truth, an impossible position.

And since I have a computer again, I'll have a Friday Random Ten in the morning! Hooraw!

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