Life Without Brian, However Brief...

Brian and I have been together for 5+ years, now, and you'd think by now we could handle some time apart. But no. Any time we have to spend so much as a night away from each other, we turn into a couple of clingy, pathetic lust-junkies, desperate for one more smooch or even sniff of luff-luff's skin.

He's been gone a few hours, and will be back within 48, and yet I find myself half-obsessed, wondering what he's doing and thinking and wearing, what he smells like, whether he's laughing at a joke or considering an idea or zoning out and checking sports scores on his cell phone.

So I've gone and arranged a dinner-party to occupy my mind. I've bought food and such and tomorrow I must clean the house -- and the grill -- to prepare for company. Not to mention my dentist appointment mid-day. Oh distractions, distract me, and soon my love will be home!

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