Friday Random Ten, My Computer's Broke Edition

I put my lovely Mac in the shop yesterday, and it'll be at least a week before I get it back. The hard drive is gone at the very least, but fortunately, I have most of my important stuff on a flash drive. I'll lose some music and a lot of video, but the writing is largely backed up, a habit I picked up when the first computer I ever owned took a dump on me about ten years ago.

So here's this week's list, brought to you courtesy of my iPod.

1. Kiss Them For Me--Siouxsie and the Banshees
2. Romance--My CHemical Romance
3. St. James Infirmary--Dr. John
4. Angel From Montgomery--Susan Tedeschi
5. Crash Into Me--Dave Matthews Band
6. Good Times Bad Times--Cracker
7. The Sky Is Crying (live)--Stevie Ray Vaughan
8. Psalm--Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra featuring Wynton Marsalis
9. Fortress--Pinback
10. Do the Vampire--Superdrag

Bonus Track: Sit On My Face--Monty Python (which doubles as my cell phone ringer).

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