Friday Random Ten

I have no idea how many songs I lost in the changeover--I have at least 2 gigs fewer on this one than on the last one, but I also deliberately cut down some of the stuff I had last time--a bit less Clapton on this computer, for instance.

So here we go--iTunes on par-tay shuffle (that's the new upgrade), first ten songs to pop up.

1. Acknowledgement-John Coltrane
2. On Love, In Sadness--Jason Mraz
3. Voyager--Daft Punk
4. I'm Expanding My Mind--Superdrag
5. Fables of Faubus--Charles Mingus
6. I Believe In Miracles--The Ramones
7. Fortunate Son--Creedence Clearwater Revival
8. Paperback Writer--The Beatles
9. I Looked All Over Town--Magnetic Fields
10. La Paloma Azul--Dave Brubeck

Bonus Track: Wiggle Stick--Reverend Horton Heat

Whatcha listening to?

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