It's up!
A day behind schedule, but who cares. You can see my prizewinning poem at the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg site, along with the other prizewinners. Top prize this year was $7,500, and I was one of the second tier winners. My poem--and you'll have to scroll to find it (or even use the "find on this page" function) is titled "Up South."

Congrats also to David Roderick, a Stegner buddy, who placed in the same tier, and whose poems are located just above mine (alphabetical order of names), and to Keith Ekiss, Robin Ekiss and Bruce Snider, all Stegner fellows and friends, for Honorable Mentions.

Update: I forgot one of the Steg-folk. Sara Michas-Martin (didn't remember the married name) was also an honorable mention.

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