Friday Random Ten

Running a bit late today. Amy and I are both off on Fridays, so I normally do this after running Monkey to school while she's sleeping, but today, she was up for a follow-up dentist's appointment, so we've been prettying up the apartment--new blinds in the bedroom (curtains to follow), new trellises (trellii?) on the patio for some as yet unbought vines to climb, violets for the bathroom, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Here we go.

1. Killer--Boozoo Bajou, featuring Top Cat
2. 12" 3 Speed Oscillating Fan--Big Smith
3. Where or When--Wynton Marsalis
4. If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day--Robert Johnson
5. What A Good Boy--Barenaked Ladies
6. I Took Your Name--R.E.M.
7. Doin' It--L L Cool J
8. Boyz In the Hood--NWA
9. On the Road Again--Willie Nelson
10.Tishomingo Blues--Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Bonus Track: Wash Jones--Squirrel Nut Zippers

Now we're off to Bed Bath and Beyond! Hurrah! Hurrah! (or something)

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