An anthology project

Amy and I spent the evening with our boss and some folks from a custom publishing agency--terrific meal, all on their dime, which somehow made it taste better--because we're putting together a new set of books to customize our curriculum.

I'm in the earliest stages of planning a supplemental anthology for our Interpretations of Poetry courses, and could use some help casting a wider net of people to include in it. I'll be doing a lot of the legwork for this in the last four weeks of this semester, when I'll be teaching a lot of these poems, but still, this group I'm envisioning is so widespread that it would be easy to miss a lot of good poets.

For the first half of the anthology, I'm looking for poetry by people who have only started publishing in the last ten years or so, probably with no more than two books under their belts, if they even have books yet. Style isn't an issue--in fact, the more wide-ranging I can find, the happier I'll be, from traditional styles to avant-garde.

The second half of the book will focus on local poets, those people currently working and living in Florida, preferably southern Florida. I want my students to get a sense of the poetry coming out of their communities, especially if I can mix in some multi-cultural poets.

So if you have any suggestions for additions to the work, let me know. This is still very speculative--it may well be too expensive for us to even consider--but I'd still like the practical experience of trying to put something like this together.

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