The Garden Spot
Amy's been nesting lately, and along with that comes gardening. We have a flower bed in the front of our apartment that has, until now, been basically weeds. We went to a local nursery a few weeks back and got a variety of plants for the front--the pink flower below (don't ask me what it's called--it's a pink flower) was blooming nicely today so I took a picture of it.

This, however, is our coolest new toy--we have a little space on the side of our place, a patio of sorts where we have a grill and will soon have a replacement for the table and umbrella that was destroyed by Hurricane Wilma. But this is a solar-powered fountain, called a Solar Cascade from Smart Solar. The panel and the pump are really efficient, and since we're in Florida, solar energy isn't exactly scarce. It doesn't have a battery right now, but that's something we can add later if we want to.

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