Friday Randon Ten
Actually, right now I'm listening to the Grateful Dead, which Amy is playing on her computer, but here's the next ten songs on my random list, for when I do put them on.

1. Overkill--Laszlo Bane I really like this cover of the old Men At Work song, largely because Colin Hay comes in for the last verse. He has such an eerie voice.

2. Cross Road Blues--Robert Johnson On the Complete Recordings, this is the alternate take, and if you can tell me the difference before listening to the two of them, you're a bigger dork than I am.

3. Not Fire, Not Ice--Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals What's happened to him? About four years ago, he was everywhere. We saw him put on a hell of a show in Memphis, but he's dropped out of sight as far as I can tell.

4. Fortune Teller--The Iguanas Very low key song. So low key, in fact, that the vocals are practically inaudible

5. Red Apple Juice--Spider John Koerner Koerner is the best thing to ever come out of Spider Robinson's stories, even better than his "That's Amore" punning song.

6. Love of My Life--Cowboy Mouth "She used to be fine, but now she's funky." That line meant a lot to me at one point, but I can't remember why anymore.

7. Terrible Vision--Rhett Miller A friend gave me this song a year ago at least, and I'll be damned if I can remember it.

8. Poor Poor Pitiful Me--Warren Zevon I haven't heard a lot of Zevon, but I don't think I've ever heard a song of his I didn't want to hear again.

9. Friar's Point--Susan Tedeschi Sort of Bonnie Raitt-ish, but she seems to strain her voice a little more than Raitt does.

10. Write Me Back Fucker--Sleater-Kinney They're just a kick-ass band, plain and simple.
Whatcha got?

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