Friday random ten

Posting's been light this week because school starts next Monday and I'm up to my ears in new syllabi and new readings for the composition students. Time to get back into the swing of things.

Side note: my sister called today and said that our granddad's surgery seemed to be a success. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor a couple of weeks ago, and I thought his surgery was today, but it was yesterday. The doctors removed a lump from above his ear and put radioactive chips in there to work in concert with the rest of the treatment, and they expect him to make a full recovery. He's 82 and still kicking.

And so on to the list. You know the drill--random play on the iTunes and the first ten, no dropping songs to keep from looking dorkish.

1. My Ride's Here--Warren Zevon
2. Ball and Chain--Big Mama Thornton
3. Here I Sit In Prison--Cowboy Mouth
4. Hip Gahn--Lord Buckley
5. Easy Way Out--Eliot Smith
6. Tupelo--The Subdudes
7. I am a Man of Constant Sorrow--Ralph Stanley
8. Petootie Pie--Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
9. Santeria--Sublime
10. Overkill--Men at Work

So whatcha got?

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