Friday Random Ten

I'm teaching two sections of Interpretation of Poetry this term, and my second class has a cluster of guys all in the same fraternity. Now, I was in a fraternity as an undergrad, so I'm not automatically indisposed toward them, but I've also had experience with groups like this in classes, so I was expecting the worst, especially the way they were carrying on before class started.

But if yesterday is any indication, they're going to be the strength of the class--they weren't shy about making comments about the poems we covered, and their comments were, on the whole, pretty insightful. I'm pleasantly surprised.

So here's the list--random play, first ten songs.

1. Coconuts--Widespread Panic
2. Little by Little--Susan Tedeschi
3. Blacking Out the Friction--Death Cab for Cutie
4. Crazy Love--Ray Charles with Van Morrison
5. The Meeting--Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe
6. I'll Take You Back--Little Charlie and the Nightcats
7. Dear Catastrophe Waitress--Belle and Sebastian
8. 32-30 Blues--Robert Johnson
9. You Make it Hard--The Iguanas
10. Snake Lake Blues--Derek and the Dominoes

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