Friday Random Ten

The present pile is now higher than our tree, but our tree is only two feet tall, so that's no biggie. You know the drill--iTunes in party shuffle mode, the first ten songs, no cheating to save yourself embarassment. It won't work anyway--we all know you have ABBA's Greatest on repeat anyway.

1. Chinch Bug Blues--Blind Lemon Jefferson
2. Get Out the Map--Indigo Girls
3. Long Distance Runaround--Yes
4. Me and My 424--John Vanderslice
5. Police Dog Blues--Blind Snake
6. Blue Rondo a la Turk--Dave Brubeck
7. Gangsta Gangsta--NWA
8. Out On the Tiles--Blind Melon
9. Mama's Got a Girlfriend--Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals
10. Build Me a Box--Bourbon Tabernacle Choir

I never really listen to that last band--I just loved the name and had to have it when I saw it.

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