Friday Random Ten

MSNBC currently has what feels like ten thousand "end of the year" stories on its front page, and few of them are interesting in the least. We're currently trying to decide how we're going to ring in the New Year--we'll go for a combination of festive and cheesy, without a doubt, much like my random tens tend to be.

1. Peggy's Blue Skylight--Charles Mingus
2. If I Had a Million Dollars--Barenaked Ladies
3. Feeling Like I Do--Superdrag
4. Good Day--The Dresden Dolls
5. Promises--Eric Clapton
6. Never There--Cake
7. It Hurts Me Too--Henry Gray
8. May I Have a Talk With You--Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
9. Black Snake Moan--Blind Lemon Jefferson
10. Worried Rambler--Spider John Koerner

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