Thoughts on a bumpersticker

On my way to work today, I was cut off by a woman in a new shiny blue something-or-other. I didn't even flip her off--time in south Florida has convinced me that if I were to react as I have in the past, I would just drive down the street with my finger hanging out the window at all times.

She had this bumpersticker (which I had a chance to read since it was practically in my lap at the time) which said "Jesus was also homeschooled." So I started to wonder what she was trying to put across with that sticker.

Did she mean that she was impregnated while still a virgin and so she was homeschooling her child in order that He would be prepared to assume his duties as Savior?

Was she giving her child a special education in how to wander the land as a homeless preacher, who would be despised in his hometown, dependent on the kindness of strangers for his daily bread?

Was she hoping that her child would grow up to be wise in the ways of scripture, and yet utterly hopeless in terms of math, science, and, you know, anything else that might help him get and hold a job?

Or was she just being defensive?

I hold no brief against home-schooling in theory--as long as the state ensures the children are making adequate progress toward an education, then parents ought to be able to teach them on their own if they choose. It's not what I do, but hey--I teach other people's kids. Different strokes.

I fear, however, that many parents who home-school do so because they're fearful of the pervasive influence of the public school system and the secular world in general, and they hide behind cutesy slogans in order to justify their choices.

Oh, and on the subject of the slogan, if the Bible is to be believed, Jesus would likely have attended a community school to be versed in the Law and in basic literacy. He would not have been home-schooled.

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