Friday Random Ten--Winter Wonderland Edition

Today in south Florida, it's a freezing 75 degrees fahrenheit, with occasional rain showers and grey skies. Winter has come to my neck of the woods, and I'm still wearing flipflops.

No Thursday night poetry this week--I'm finishing a long week of conferencing with my students and I forgot amid the paper grading, and I'm not going to backdate a post for something that never gets comments anyway.

So here we go--and while I was tempted, I'm not going to sneak in SRV's "Couldn't Stand the Weather," not even ironically.

1. The Remedy--Jason Mraz
2. Bad Luck Blues--Blind Lemon Jefferson
3. Am I Right or Wrong--Son House
4. What a Good Boy--Barenaked Ladies
5. Memphis Soul Stew--King Curtis
6. No Sleep Till Brooklyn--Beastie Boys
7. The Perfect Fit--The Dresden Dolls
8. Trash--Big Smith
9. Boogie Woogie Country Girl--Big Joe Turner
10. Kill the Poor--The Dead Kennedys

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