Friday Random Ten

Post-Katrilma Edition. Mock me in the comments.

1. They Raided the House--Louis Jordan
2. Radio Radio--Elvis Costello
3. Low Down Moan--Blind Lemon Jefferson
4. I'm Wrong About Everything--John Wesley Harding
5. A Little Less Conversation--The BossHoss
6. Cause=Time--Broken Social Scene
7. Voyager--Daft Punk
8. Just Like Heaven--The Cure
9. Some Might Say--Oasis
10. They Call Me Big Mama--Big Mama Thornton

I need some new cd's, not because I think there's anything wrong with my musical taste, but because I'm jumping past more songs on my iPod than I listen to on any given day, and it's more because I'm just tired of listening to those songs than anything else.

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