Why I love Times Select.

It's simple, really. It's good for my blood pressure.

Sure, I have to navigate the university library website to get to my doses of Krugman and Herbert and Rich, but on the plus side, I don't accidentally fall on the kind of crap that Brooks writes anymore.

I slipped on a little of it this morning, however, because of my regular trip to a local coffee shop for the Sunday Times and some friendly chatting. In his first sentence, Brooks compared Tom DeLay to Howard Dean.

Hey Brooksie? I know you have to play this bullshit equivalency game in order to keep your moderate credentials among those few people who somehow don't think you're a hack yet, but let me fill you in on something.

Tom DeLay is a crook, who, if there's any justice, will have a boyfriend named Icepick in his future.

Howard Dean is the former 6 term governor of Vermont who has never, to my knowledge, been charged with any sort of impropriety either while as governor or as head of the DNC.

I know that may seem equivalent to you, Brooksie, but it isn't.

Fortunately, though, thanks to that wall, there aren't as many people who have to read your crappy comparisons.

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