Thursday Night Poetry

I almost forgot, and on only the second week of my meme. This week's poem comes from W. S. DiPiero's newest book, Brother Fire. Simone is a friend of mine, as well as a former teacher, and a hell of a poet. He's gotten a contract to put out a New and Selected Poems next year, and he's also working on a book of essays which will be incredible. You can read one of his essays at the Threepenny Review if you wish. It's titled "Make Me a Picture."

Didn't You Say Desire Is

like the elephant fog
shredded north
a white sun going down
Bessemers fired
through clouds horizoned
on my dog-eared stack
It feels good and right
to waste earnest hours
of an early evening's
daylight saving time
in uncertainty and want
these cranky climates
changing in us while we
haven't started dinner yet.

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