Roberts answers and I don't care.

Or maybe he doesn't answer--I haven't been following it all that closely, which is strange because I'm a bit of a SCOTUS junkie.

Okay, perhaps that's a bit too strong. I do care that this guy is slippery and that he's probably going to try to rip the guts out of the New Deal and the right to privacy. But his testimony? I can't really bring myself to care.


Because nothing is stopping him from pulling a Clarence Thomas and lying his ass off about how he feels about certain cases. He could say that he'd expand abortion rights and overturn Bush v Gore and it wouldn't matter, because the second he's on that court, he's there until he decides not to be, and he can always say "whup! changed my mind on that one" and we're all screwed. It's all a big dog and pony show, folks.

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