An Open Letter to Michael Brown, FEMA Director and Michael Chertoff, DHS Secretary

It's okay to admit that you're in over your head, that you weren't prepared for the vast devastation that came along with Hurricane Katrina. You had no way of knowing that your lack of expertise would cost thousands of people their lives--it was just another political favor being tossed your way, not a position of responsibility that would affect millions of people devastated by this storm.

Except that it's not okay.

Your combined ineptitude has destroyed countless lives. The fact that the two of you continue to draw a federal paycheck after your recent performance is a slap in the face to every person who has suffered a loss, to every person in a shelter, to every person living in a dome or a basketball arena with no real idea of when they'll get back home, or even if they have a home to return to. And to make matters worse, you and your boss and his underlings tried to slime the local authorities, to claim that they had not asked for help, to claim that you had no way of knowing that people were starving and dehydrated when it was the top story on every newscast, even on the Republican propaganda organ known as Fox News.

There's no way to make it better for those who have suffered losses, but there is something you can do for those of us who may yet find ourselves at your mercy.

Fall on your swords.

Not literally, mind you. Resign, but before you go, do some housecleaning. Realize the error of your ways and fire every other political appointee in any position of responsibility. Fire them all until you get to the career bureaucrat level and then resign. Let the pros handle it from now on.

And then get your ass to the Gulf Coast and start handing out bottles of water and shoveling shit out of peoples' houses.

That won't make it right, but it'll be a start.

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