Navel gazing time

I think it's time for this blog to undergo a transformation of sorts. On Friday, I was at the faculty assembly, and my new boss, the head of my department, introduced me, Amy, and another new faculty member to the other heads of the departments and new hires and others attending the assembly. When he did so, he mentioned that I had come to Boca by way of Stanford where I'd been a Stegner Fellow.

Now, I've always known that the Stegner was a big deal inside the world of Creative Writing, but the looks on more than one face when my boss said those words showed me that it's a bigger deal than I'd ever imagined outside that rarefied area.

That's not the only reason for the change, however. Frankly, writing about politics in the way I do is difficult, because so much is already said by people with larger audiences that I will ever have or would ever hope to have for that matter. Most of what I do these days is pick around the edges, express a little outrage at an under-covered story, and make some snarky remarks in the meantime. I still plan to do that at times, but not as often.

I hope to fill the intervening space with more talk about writing, about the current state of poetry, what I'm reading, short reviews, examples of what I think is good poetry being published today, and short essays on other issues I've been thinking about lately like the use of a voice other than the poet's as a substitute for moral authority, or the effect of the internet on the way a new generation perceives art, and the implications on the way we look at reproductions of pieces of art as a result.

I hope I don't send those few of you who drop by running away screaming at that--those kinds of pieces take time and won't be popping up quickly or often--but they will be popping up from time to time, and while I'll always be a political junkie, I imagine most of the writing I do on that will be on other's sites in the comments sections.

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