McCain Breaks His Own Law

Found this on a diary over at Kos:

As they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Especially if you wrote the law.

Last week Sen. John McCain cut a TV ad endorsing an opponent to John Campbell, the Club for Growth PAC's endorsed candidate in the California special congressional election to replace Chris Cox.

As reported by the Orange County Register, "One thing the first airings of the ad did not include: [House Candidate Marilyn] Brewer does not state that she approved the ad. That's now required by law. Specifically, the law co-sponsored by McCain himself."

And recently PoliticalMoneyLine reported that "Talk of 2008 - Sen. John McCain's Straight Talk America" registered again as a federal PAC...The phone number on their form is also listed as the fax number on the website of the Reform Institute, a 501c3 organization supporting McCain's goals." The IRS has a strict prohibition against 501c3 organizations conducting political activity.

We're waiting for the so-called reformers to file a complaint...or McCain to turn himself in.

The second one bothers me way more than the first--McCain probably didn't have anything to do with the final cut of the commercial and certainly can't be held responsible for the shortcomings of the candidate and her staff.

But the ties between the 510c3 group and the poorly named Straight Talk America look pretty clear to me, and that's a straight-up violation. If memory serves, Ralph Nader was properly hammered for some similar shenanigans in his run last year. That this is McCain who has this (undeserved) rep as a straight shooter and reformer doing this makes the violation that much more egregious in my eyes.

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