If you need to get in touch with people in the storm zone

and cell phone calls aren't getting through, try text messaging. It has worked for me. I heard from Monkey and her mom this evening. They're safe in Atlanta, and are going to try to return to Bay St. Louis this weekend to suss out the damage. Their house is apparently still standing, which is a miracle considering where it is, but took on a lot of water. Monkey is going to come here to live, at least temporarily, so she can continue in school, as the schools down there won't be ready to open for the foreseeable future. The authorities don't want people down there trying to rebuild for at least a month, so when the schools will reopen is anyone's guess.

My ex is a strong and resourceful woman, and she and Jane will no doubt rebuild and restore their home. It's going to be tough--they just bought a camper and are going to live outside Mobile for the time being until they can get closer. The family is all safe--that's the most important thing right now.

I think I'm going to go cry some tears of relief now.

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