Friday Random Ten--"I'm Spending My Weekend Grading Essays" Edition

Not that the songs will have any grading significance--that's just what I'll be doing this weekend.

1. Bad Liver and a Broken Heart--Tom Waits
2. When You've Got a Good Friend--Robert Johnson
3. Bad Habit--Dresden Dolls
4. Steppin' Out--Cream
5. I Love L.A.--Randy Newman
6. Tangerine--Big Head Todd and the Monsters
7. Stand--Blues Traveler
8. All the Umbrellas in London--Magnetic Fields
9. Kiss Them for Me--Siouxsie and the Banshees
10. Heated Pool and Bar--John Vanderslice

Meanwhile, Amanda is worried that since the retards over at the National Review Online have started talking about what's on their i-Tunes, that we could be hearing the death knell for Friday Random Ten. Screw that. I like trolling around on Fridays and discovering bands I've never heard of before, and mocking, either openly or quietly, people who admit to having listened to "Rhythm is a Dancer" 477 times. That may be the only time I ever link to the Corner.

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