Chinese Salute Clinton and Lewinsky, and Today's Random Ten

From the Sun Sentinel

BEIJING -- A rubber company in China has begun marketing condoms under the brand names Clinton and Lewinsky, apparently seeking to exploit the White House affair that led to the impeachment of America's 42nd president.

Spokesman Liu Wenhua of the Guangzhou Rubber Group said the company was handing out 100,000 free Clinton and Lewinsky condoms as part of a promotion to raise consumer awareness of its new products....

"The names we chose are symbols of people who are responsible and dedicated to their jobs," he said.

I doubt Bush will ever have a condom named after him, even though he's spent a lot of his life as a dick.

And today's random ten:
1. Cold Blooded Old Times--Smog
2. Inner City Blues--Marvin Gaye
3. Stop Breakin Down Blues--Robert Johnson
4. Dunmore Lassies--The Chieftains and Ry Cooder
5. A Movie Script Ending--Death Cab for Cutie
6. Don't Let It Bring You Down--Annie Lennox
7. Wonderwall--Oasis
8. Sexual Healing--Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals
9. Write Me Back Fucker--Sleater-Kinney
10. Ain't Life Grand--Widespread Panic

I can honestly say I don't recognize two of those songs, but you have to figure out which two. Or not.

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