Victory for Hackett in OH-2

All right--the returns aren't official and as of this posting, Hackett actually trails in the votes by 870 with 91 precincts still out, and I know absolutely nothing about where which candidate is strong or what precincts are out or anything else. Hell, I've never even set foot in Ohio. And yet this is still a victory, no matter how the final vote count turns out. Why?

Because we fought in a place where we weren't supposed to, and we've made a nail-biter of it. Because we showed both Democrats and Republicans alike that we're going to contest every election even if it seems like a lost cause, and when I say we, I don't mean the DCCC or the DSCC or even the DNC, but I mean we, the grassroots part of the party, the people who have been activated by the daily crap that comes out of the White House and the media and morons like the troll who inhabits the comments section.


We showed the national party that if they do more than make a token appearance in tough districts, we'll back them up and we'll reward them, both with money and effort. And if we keep doing this, we will win some of these close races, and we will be back on our way to being a majority party.

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