Storm Update

The best place I've found for updates from a technical point of view is Weather Underground. Incredible pictures as well.

New Orleans channel 6 WDSU is providing quick updates about local damage, which is serious. New Orleans is going to be devastated by this, and yet this could have been much worse, because the eye has shifted east and will be doing the most damage to the Gulfport MS area and east of there. Monkey lives just west of Gulfport, and I'm so glad her mom decided to bug out. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything if she hadn't. Right now, WDSU is reporting that Bay St. Louis, where Monkey lives, just experienced a 22 foot storm surge. I swear, I'm not going to have any fingers left by the time this is over, much less fingernails.

And now, your Katrina pic of the day, courtesy of Weather Underground.

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