Okay, now it's personal.

New Orleans, the only city I've ever embraced as home, even though I grew up across the lake from it, is drowning. The water continues to pour in. People are still being pulled from their rooftops and taken to the Superdome, which has no climate control, has holes in the roof, has limited supplies, and is rapidly becoming unfit for human habitation because it's not cut out for the duty for which it has had thrust upon it. The town where I went to high school is underwater. My daughter's home is probably rubble. And where was King George the Lesser today, before finally coming back to Washington?

In California, acting like he can play a damn guitar.

He's Nero, for fuck's sake. He's a toy king.

It's not like I expect him to come to Louisiana and actually help people out of the water, but he could at least act like he gives a damn about the fact that 2 million of his citizens are without electricity, that an untold number are without homes to return to, and that we have no real idea just how many people are dead from this disaster. Instead, he diddles, while my old home sinks.

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